Reduce operating costs and generate revenue

American Site Management

Roof Top Antenna Solutions

Recurring Revenue

As a national Rooftop Antenna Site Management Company, we create revenue opportunities for property owners by marketing, managing, and developing revenue programs for their rooftops.

A single antenna at $3,000 per month revenue can result in more than $720,000 of gross revenue over 15 years.

Let us represent your buildings, and you will never view your rooftops the same.

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Refuse Specialists Refuse Alliance
Waste Solutions

Lower your trash and recycling expenses by 30-50%, sometimes more!

“The Global VendorLink / Refuse Specialists team cut our trash costs by 70%. It was easy, fast, and eliminates the hassle of hauler interaction.”

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Bidders Access - property management

Bid Solicitation Software Solution

Multi-family property management

Bidders Access has over 750,000+ multi-family units of purchasing power. They assist in coordinating capital renovations by providing a system that automates the bidding process and introduces a network of skilled public vendors.

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VMI Virtual Market Integration

Bid Solicitation Software Solution

in Oil and Gas industry

Procurement and Supply Chain solutions specifically designed for industry verticals by seasoned industry veterans

Oil and Gas Markets:
Up Stream
Mid Stream

Systems for:
Managing Vendors
Soliciting Bids
Field Tracking

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e-Procurement Solutions

knowledge experts

Simple e-Supply Chain systems that help buyers at their desk work with vendors at their desk

“They knew what they were doing when they designed and developed a simple side-by-side bid tab comparison software.”

“Real experts that created an online Bid Tab that saves us hours in analyzing bids.”

“We can easily perform comprehensive analysis for all of our purchases and contracts.”

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